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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty: Review

Wondering about the what ifs and daydreaming about what your life could be? Say no more and embark on a journey with Walter Mitty.

by Julia Migné 644 további szó


The Cable Guy (1996)

PG-13, 96 minutes, Thriller

StarringJim CarreyMatthew BroderickLeslie MannJack Black

Back when I was a kid I had a neighbor friend named Bobby. 658 további szó


(Video) Dodgeball Is Back

After years away from their first Dodgeball movie collaboration, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are back with a unique way to help a charitable cause. ( 15 további szó


Omaze Brings Back Dodgeball

Dodgeball is back and it is up to you to pick your team.

Would you want to play as one of the Purple Cobras? Or are you more of an Average Joe’s person? 57 további szó

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Trish's Trash: Play with the Cast of 'Dodgeball'!!!!!

Hey, losers! Would you like to play dodgeball with the real-life cast of the 2004 comedy Dodgeball? Then head over to Omaze.com (click here… 73 további szó


Ben Stiller Reprises Dodge Ball Character White Goodman for Charity

We never got a sequel to the classic Dodge Ball but this clip from Omaze could be the next best thing.

Omaze has launched a new charity campaign featuring the original cast of the iconic film, including Ben Stiller as Globo Gym chief White Goodman, Vince Vaughn as Average Joe’s owner Peter LaFleur. 55 további szó