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Tune Into It III

It’s finally May! I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for the summer. Bring on the pool parties, beach vacations, festivals, and good music.Speaking of music I want to share with you guys the music I’m feeling now. 104 további szó


Powerpuff Girls. A new girl. Inna

S-au întors…Blossom, Bubbles și Buttercup salvează lumea din nou, în cea mai nouă serie „Fetițele Powerpuff”!

Celebra cântăreaţă Inna s-a alăturat celor trei fetiţe, în scopul lor de a salva lumea înainte de ora de culcare. 140 további szó

Street Spirit

Spring Music Must's!

Hello everybody! so i really just did not feel like doing a beauty or fashion post today. I tried my best to think of one that i wanted to do, but nothing came to mind. 230 további szó



Club sensation Inna is superhot in this video. Love the track.

Music And Entertainment

Emphatic Laam ل

Video Courtesy: LQToronto, Book 2 – DVD 02 /A1 – 4:40 till 19:03

Source for the above images : LQToronto Handouts – Book 2

Ladder slider game of إِنَّ   and ل  (Seq # 66) 169 további szó

Book 2 Concepts