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Vocea României Junior cu juriu surpriză

Vocea României Junior cu juriu surpriză Vocea României Junior o aduce în echipă pe Inna. Pentru prima dată, fanii Innei din România, şi nu numai, vor avea ocazia să o vadă pe cântăreaţă într-o nouă postură: aceea de jurat al emisiunii “Vocea României Junior”, care va începe la

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[TOURNAMENT] Q2 - 2016: Round 2

One round closer to our Queen of Q2!

Round one had a few battles that were only ONE vote apart! So I tried extending the round 1 polls a day… But then another battle would become neck and neck!  135 további szó

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Vocea României Junior din toamnă la ProTV

Vocea României Junior din toamnă la ProTV Vocea României Junior începe din toamna aceasta postul de televiziune Pro TV. Copiii din România vor avea ocazia să-și demonstreze talentul muzical în cadrul unui show special. 12 további szó


Tunes of the week - July'16

It’s been an awesome week for music! I’ve discovered so many great tracks off YouTube and here are my top picks for this week.

1. RedOne – Don’t You Need Somebody… 256 további szó


Dacha Tea's

Last year Nastya bought a dacha, a garden plot, right outside of the city.  She loves to garden but it also has a little house. This spring, my parents came to visit and helped us build a deck on the little house so we could have a place to sit and have tea.   123 további szó


My Top 5 Tracks for the Week!

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Finally the weekend’s here and it’s time to unwind or hit the club Friday night. Here’s my top 5 songs for the week for you to have a blast and include in your track list if you are planning a house party. 232 további szó


Inna & Alexandra Stan Team Up to Form G Girls & Release Summer Bop "Call The Police"

There’s a fairly new girl band called “G Girls” out there and they’re bound to make it big at one point or another.

This new girl bald consists of the four Romanian singers Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia and Lori, all of whom are already very successful in their native countries and/or internationally. 159 további szó

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