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When a Monkey Spirit Lifted My Spirits.

My first serious encounter with Buddhism was a very emotional one at a crucial time in my life.

I was homeless, unemployed and penniless. My freelance business had gone bankrupt and I was living in a friend’s leaky old caravan parked by the roadside outside their home in the Aussie bush. 479 egyéb szavak


Dreams Won't Work Unless You Do

As Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, would say, “Dreams are the Seedlings of Reality.”

Yes, it is good to dream. Dreaming is the first step in being successful and having an abundant life. 650 egyéb szavak

Abundant Mindset

The Most Important Lesson

I believe this is the most important lesson you can ever learn. This is also priority number one in teaching your children if you also want them to be successful. 183 egyéb szavak


The Majestic Life

Two things strike me about the eagle.

One, sharp vision.
That’s expensive!

The capacity of the eagle to see with its penetrating eyes makes it combine the “now” and “future” into a singular experience. 319 egyéb szavak

Life Mastery

The Law of Success

The Master Wealth-Builder’s Complete and Original Lesson Plan for Achieving Your Dreams, New York: Penguin, 2008, First published in 1928.

Years ago I have read… 3,781 egyéb szavak

Career And Success

The Importance of Developing Inspirational Dissatisfaction

What happens to you when you face disappointment? Things don’t go as you initially planned? You fail an exam you were certain you’d pass? You lose your job due to circumstances beyond your control? 1,251 egyéb szavak

2. Know Yourself