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On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 5, SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OR OBSERVATIONS, The Fourth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 5, SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OR OBSERVATIONS, The Fourth Step toward Riches

The Road To Specialized Knowledge… 289 egyéb szavak

Napoleon Hill

Specialized Knowledge – Personal Experiences or Observations

Millions believe falsely that “knowledge is power.” Universities specialize on the teaching of knowledge but not on the organization or the use of knowledge. It is right that knowledge has the potential of power. 471 egyéb szavak

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Persistence – the certain way to get rich

Everybody is experiencing sometimes a day or two or more of flailing for circumstances, happenstances and other influences. We have to overcome obstacles and struggles to get to the point we want to be. 511 egyéb szavak

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Action - Action is required for the fulfillment of your definite chief aim

Any desire is just an empty wish without action toward the achievement of it. Any desire needs action to make it a definite chief aim. Your definite chief aim is nothing without persistent, determined and organized plan and work. 822 egyéb szavak

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Whatever The Mind Of Man Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve- Napoleon Hill.

Our mind, yours and mine, is a Goldmine,
scratch the surface, underneath it, what you will find, will open your eyes.
Use it to conceive whatever you want, 72 egyéb szavak


Imagination – The Most Important Tool To Get Rich

“We become what we think, so be careful with your thoughts,” –proverb. Whoever said it was absolutely right. Imagination is a way of thought. It is thought added with images. 1,184 egyéb szavak

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Setting my first goals

As my mind starts to clear, I am starting to think more clearly and process ideas (the GTD system is helping in this respect, so I’ll definitely be continuing with this strategy). 326 egyéb szavak