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Thought of the day

If the first plan which you adopt

does not work successfully,

replace the plan with a new plan;

If this new plan fails to work… 51 további szó


The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~ Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

Before us lie two paths-

Honesty and Dishonesty. The shortsighted embark on

the dishonest path; the wise on the honest. For the

wise know the truth; in helping others we help… 22 további szó


Napoleon Hill and the Secret

Napoleon hill is one of the most distinguished writers of his time.

Napoleon Hill

Outwitting The Devil : Napoleon Hill

Non-Drifter – One Who Isn’t Influenced And Controlled By Circumstances OutsideHis Own Mind

Napoleon Hill

eBook : Napoleon Hill : Outwitting The Devil

One of the qoutes i hold close to my heart, for various reasons, but the most important, is it kept me sane, and installed a sense of willingness.

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Think and Grow Rich

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and does believe man can achieve.”

There are countless numbers of books about personal development, entrepreneurship and business acumen published every year.  860 további szó