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The #1 Motivational, Self-Help and Business Book of All Time

We’ve developed a pretty good office library of books over the years covering subjects from Real Estate to General Business to Sales to Motivational/Self-Help titles.  There’s one we would like to share with you today as a… 227 egyéb szavak


Opportunity Sprouts

Today’s Haiku:

tiny seed placed
tenderly inside the earth—
opportunity sprouts


It’s your turn to shine. Make today a good one!



to be the person we always wanted to be, we first have to create a mental image of that person

As you already know, there’s a line on this blog that says, ‘on to the next one’.

Well, we all have that line somewhere within us. 354 egyéb szavak


From a Dime to a Millionaire

From a Dime to a Millionaire

A Memoir 

Conservative Disciplined Thinking Equals Prosperity


I wanted to write a different kind of motivational book. The purpose was to entertain first and educate second. 1,872 egyéb szavak


30 Major Causes Of Failure

Do you know the major causes of failure? Well, Napoleon Hill share with us a list of the major causes of failure in his book, … 1,585 egyéb szavak


Book Discussion: Think and Grow Rich

TAGR Chapter 2 Desire

Think and Grow Rich is a book that uses biblical principles for secular ends. As far as I can tell it is ruthlessly genius in its delivery. 945 egyéb szavak

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